Chernyshov Betting System for Roulette

One of the most mysterious roulette betting systems for today is the Chernyshov system. There is not much information about this system on the Internet. Also, we do not know the author of this betting system (maybe the author was actually called Chernyshov, maybe not). This method is based on the laws of probability theory that are understandable even for beginners, therefore it is worthwhile to learn more about the Chernyshov system.


At the heart of the system is the law of probability, for example, if we throw a coin and we have a tailspin initially, and after that the eagle falls out, then the result of the next coin throw is undefined or 50-50 (the probability of an eagle or tails falling is the same).

But if we throw a coin and the eagle drops several times in a row, then the probability that the next time the eagle will fall again decreases significantly. This principle is applicable to roulette if the ball stops several times in a row in the red cell, then the probability that the next time it stops on black is seriously increased. That's the whole theoretical basis of Chernyshov's system.

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We turn to the practice and consider how to bet on the Chernyshov system. We start placing bets only after the roulette ball stops three times in a row on red or black, — it does not matter what color, the main thing is to bet on even chances and wait for the same result three times in a row.

Then the player bets on the opposite color (if the ball has stopped three times in a row on red, then we bet on black). In case of a loss, we increase the initial bet by 3 times, if we win, we leave the initial bet unchanged.

In any case, we make the next bet only after the same color wins three times in a row. The sequence of the initial bet increasing after losing is like 1-3-9-27-81.

The Pros and Cons of the Chernyshov Betting System

Despite the fact that the Chernyshov system is simple and gives a high probability of winning at roulette, it has its drawbacks. Using the Chernyshov betting system seriously lengthens the game session and it's good. But the player bets only at certain points in the game, after three identical results in a row, and this is not very fun. To make 2-3 bets, you will have to miss a few dozen of spins.

You will not be able to apply this system in any casino, because you can not always spin the roulette wheel and do not bet (there are few such establishments). In particular, you can apply the Chernyshov betting system in a Net Entertainment casinos. But in Microgaming and Playtech based casinos, the system cannot be used, because you cannot skip rounds here.

When using the system, the game is slow but the maximum allowable bet limit you reach fast. If you cannot triple the lost bet, you will not be able to compensate for your loss. The bets are growing very fast, the system we are considering calls for a bet of $81, at the initial $1 bet, after 4 rounds lost.

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