Roulette Wheel

Everybody knows exactly what the roulette wheel looks like: It is round with red, black and green slots around the circle, above them, there are 8 edges for the ball direction. Though it seems to be rather simple, it is quite perfect: it is an ideally engineered mechanism that guarantees the randomness of each move.

That is how the real Roulette in a brick-and-mortar casino looks and functions. If you play Roulette online you deal with a software, of course.

Roulette online differs from its real prototype. In fact, you see only the perfect image of the roulette wheel and its betting surface. Players can choose the bet amount, place it on one here or there and watch the ball rolling and stopping in a certain slot.

Roulette wheel: differences between European and American roulettes

Well, let’s see how the Roulette online is similar to Roulette in a brick-and-mortar casino:

  • They both have the roulette wheel variations, depending on the game variation. For example: European Roulette has 36 + zero slots, while the American one has 36 slots plus zero and double zero.
  • The numbers on the roulette wheel are in the same random order both in the real and in the online version.
  • The Roulette gaming surface is the same in all versions — online and the real one.

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So, they look alike, Roulette online is the perfect reflection of Roulette in a brick-and-mortar casino. But they still differ much.

There is no dealer to roll the ball in Roulette online: it's a completely automated process. Thus, the random result is guaranteed not by a perfectly balanced mechanism, but by a so-called random number generator (RNG).

As soon as you hit the “Spin” button, the ball rolls in a circle and stops at the slot determined by the RNG, and not by the size of your bet or any other parameter. The final result of a spin provided instantly in advance, and you see the emulation of the game.

However, some online casinos offer to play a live roulette. Thus, you can stay at home and play in a brick-and-mortar casino the real roulette with the real roulette wheel mechanism. You place your bet and then watch the live dealer rolling the real metal ball around the real roulette wheel. That’s priceless. All the game is broadcasting live and displayed on your monitor in a real-time mode.

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