Real Money Roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular games at online casinos. First, roulette appeared in France casinos. Now you can find it both in a regular land-based and online casino. The rules of the game are quite simple, and the winnings in roulette can be enormous.

So, where to play roulette for real money? We have compiled a list of the best online casinos that offer roulette for real money.

Best Real Money Roulette Sites in USA Approved Casinos

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Roulette is a fairly simple game; its rules can be mastered during the game. All the action takes place on a special wheel, which consists of a set of cells in red and black, plus one or two cells of zero (green). The roulette wheel spins in one direction only, and the ball starts in the opposite direction, opposite the wheel travel. The wheel gradually slows down, and the metal ball as a result stops on one of the numbers.

The player’s goal is to predict where the ball will stop and make a bet on that number or group of numbers. You can bet on a certain number or group, color and odd/even.

Can I Get a Bonus Playing Roulette?

Yes, and it is worth doing. In fact, we do not even recommend playing without a bonus. Nowadays, all online casinos offer great bonuses as part of a loyalty program. You only lose without taking advantage of the opportunity to receive a bonus. The casino offers many different types of benefits. It depends only on your preferences, budget and games that you choose, which of the proposed benefits will suit you personally.

For roulette, we advise choosing deposit bonuses only for those players who have experience or are professionals. If you have a small bankroll and do not have the funds to increase it, then choose a bonus that does not depend on the deposit.

Top 5 Tips for Playing Real Money Roulette


Bankroll Management in Roulette

One of the most important moments in online gambling is ensuring proper management of your own funds. If you just want to play ten to twenty minutes out of interest with a small one-time amount on your gambling account and quit, then you will not have any problems with the bankroll.

If you take gambling seriously and devote a lot of time to the game, then you will have to learn how to analyze your expenses in order not to lose more in the game than you can afford which spoils the fun of the game. Every serious player must be able to manage his bankroll, and it does not matter if he plays roulette, or poker, or craps.


Online Roulette Bonuses

It doesn't matter on which side luck is now – bonuses must always be taken. Firstly, bonuses will increase your chances of winning, and secondly, if you lose, then it is better to use casino funds rather than your hard-earned money.

Loyalty programs have recently become more and more difficult to find, but look for them and participate in all the programs available to you. Loyalty programs will reward you for maintaining activity and are guaranteed to return the ball to black if it slightly rolled onto red, figuratively speaking.

House Edge

Roulette House Edge

In roulette, there are no two identical rounds. You might not even think about it, but there are a whole bunch of different options that define House Edge, that is the amount that the casino is guaranteed to receive from the player.

In American roulette, the house edge is higher, whereas in French roulette, it is the smallest. It is worth considering that the house edge depends on the particular casino and the games that they offer.

Microgaming, for example, adheres to standard coefficients, so their French roulette has the lowest house edge rating than any other type of this game. However, do not forget, each developer may have its own rules and regulations.

Take the Risk

Take the Risk in Online Roulette

There are two categories of bets. You can make inner or outer bets on the game table. We advise you to make mixed bets, take risks.

Reduce the amount for outer bets. Increase the amount for inner bets. This may seem obvious, but amateurs, also as frustrated players (more about them later) do not always follow these basic rules.

Don’t Be Emotional

Control Your Emotions in Online Roulette

Any game can disappoint you with its unpredictability. In poker, you can be beaten on the river and that is insulting. In blackjack, the dealer can win you several times in a row with a good deal in your hands. And in roulette, players most often become nervous when the ball stops on the number next to the selected one, it seems to them that everything is set against them.

This can happen to anyone, and this is the part of the game. If this happens to you, try to prevent an explosion of emotions, because if it happens and you start betting because of anger, then you lose more that you can afford.

Online Roulette Pros

  • Bonuses. You will find larger and more interesting bonuses online, rather than in a regular casino.
  • Variety. Ordinary casinos offer one or two types of roulette; more options are waiting for you online.
  • Live games. Still want to play in a land-based casino with the comfort available online? Live games are the perfect combination of both casino types.

Online Roulette Cons

  • Excitement. Sometimes the thrill of gambling in an ordinary casino is simply impossible to replace with an online mode.
  • Society. In a casino, roulette is a community game where you can have fun with others. Online, you are alone with yourself.

Online Roulette Deposit and Withdraw Options

Deposit options for real money roulette depends on your location, specific situation and preferences. There are no better or worse ways, you choose the most suitable one based on your preferences. If you are concerned about the security of funds in your account, it is best to purchase a prepaid card.

In the US you can’t make deposits for online gambling with bank cards in obedience to the UIGEA 2006. In Europe, if you play often, it’s better to use a prepaid bank cards or PayPal.


Can I play real money roulette from a mobile device?

Online roulette is available on mobile devices, as well as on a personal computer in the form of a downloaded program. The Roulette on your smartphone has exactly the same options as the one on a PC. Sometimes you can find a shorter version with fewer bets, but it is rare.

Is the outcome of the roulette round random?

The outcome of any roulette round is random and there is not the slightest chance that a player predicts a result with a 100% probability. Theoretically, you can still increase your chances in a land-based casino by deceiving the dealer, but not online where random number generator (RNG) decides everything.

Each number on the roulette wheel each round has the same chance of winning. In an online casino, a special certified program is responsible for this. In an online casino, there is no physical impact on the wheel or the dealer while throwing the ball.

In online roulette, the random result is guaranteed by the program. In a real casino, the random outcome of the round is guaranteed by the casino itself – both games are equally fair, in our concern.

Is there a guaranteed win in roulette?

The guarantee of a win in roulette is even less than in blackjack or poker. There is a chance to win a large amount, of course. You can even win several times in a row if you are lucky. But no skills, strategies or experience guarantee a win in this game. You can reduce your losses if you focus on the game and will not give in to emotions, but you are not able to predict the outcome for sure.

Yet, there are some strategies for playing roulette, people sell a lot of books and attract crowds of visitors to their websites giving out generous promises of winning. But the truth is that if you cannot manipulate the wheel or software directly, then winning at roulette depends only on your luck.

What is the best strategy for playing roulette?

As mentioned above, the opportunity to beat the roulette simply does not exist. We understand that this is not at all that you wanted to hear, but it is true. Many have tried, but no one has yet succeeded to beat it. But this does not mean that we have no advice on how to increase chances, reduce losses and eliminate errors.

If you are new to the game, then try your hand at the free demo game. Make sure you understand the scheme and types of bets. Try to play roulette with live dealers. This option is not necessarily 100% better than a virtual game, and, in fact, we prefer the latter for speed and simplicity.

And yet, if roulette with live dealers is available in the online casino where you registered, it makes sense to try this version of the game. You may like it.

Can I play real money roulette in the USA?

Although online gambling is strictly prohibited in the United States, there are many loopholes to circumvent them, and the restrictions do not even concern the casinos themselves. Difficulties relate mainly to the financial side of things, all official online casinos in the United States do not accept debit and credit cards, as well as other popular methods.

Also, online casinos in the United States avoid e-wallets, because Services such as PayPal or Skrill refused to support gambling in the United States.

Legal online casinos in the United States must be located outside the country. The best of them are officially registered in such countries of Central America as Costa Rica and Panama. The largest European, Asian and Australian casinos do not welcome US users, since online gambling is still a controversial issue in this country.

However, all online casinos advise their users to check if they violate the law of their country by registering at an online casino or on another gambling site.

What software is considered the best for roulette?

Most online casinos have roulette available, and the best of them offer a choice of almost a dozen kinds. This is because there are many varieties of this game for online casinos and the institution is trying to offer the maximum.

One of the most famous online roulette developers is NetEnt, which provides a choice for playing starting from a PC and ending with a mobile device. Microgaming also offers several unique variations, including the roulette with several tables where you can play all at the same time.

American Roulette Wheel

How to Choose a Roulette Site?

The choice of a website for the game depends on the user's personal preferences, but the best casinos usually use software from major developers, including NetEnt, Microgaming and PlayTech. But since the outcome of the game is difficult to predict, you should consider any bonus for the game in order to increase your chances. That is why it is so important to pay attention to the house edge indicators before you start the game. Bonuses are necessary to get, and a large bonus can allow you to play casino money for quite a long time, which will increase your chances of winning.

Pay attention to live roulette. It combines the advantage of a virtual roulette with elements of a land-based casino. Real live tables, real wheel and dealers are used in a live roulette game. Still, you make online bets in the game, and you do not need to go anywhere, just watch the process from your favorite chair.

This type of roulette can accept a limited number of participants, so there may be a queue. Therefore, the largest casinos launch several tables with live dealers at once in order not to lose customers.

Browse our list of the best live casinos, as well as the best places that offer online roulette.


Roulette is an exciting game of chance that every player should try at least once. This is a game that perfectly fit into the online world and will be equally fascinating both online and in the largest land-based casinos.

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