How to Win at Roulette

If you are looking for a betting system that will allow you to get a guaranteed profit from roulette, you simply waste your time in vain. The search for a guaranteed winning strategy can be compared with the attempts to invent the perpetual motion machine. Even if someone theoretically justifies its existence, any attempts to create a perpetual motion machine eventually do not withstand the laws of physics.

The same situation with roulette: do not waste time looking for a game strategy that to beat online casino for sure because such a strategy will not pass the simplest mathematical test of the probability theory, for example.

In other words, no matter what strategy you use, the casino, in any case, retains its advantage due to the presence of zero on the roulette wheel, and in the American version of the game, there are two of them. At a long distance, the casino's house edge is expressed as 2.7% for European roulette and 5.2% for American one.

Whatever the inventors of "winning" betting systems told you, it's important to remember that no one can give a 100% guarantee of winning. The maximum, that a player can count on is to reduce the chances of a gambling house down to 2.7% (over a long distance). That is, a good betting strategy can increase your chances in the game as much as possible, but still will not give you an advantage over the gambling house, because it is basically impossible.

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So, How to Win at Roulette?

You can win at roulette, and it is proven in practice. However, we are not talking about some kind of magic strategy, but about an impeccable gambling plus luck. By the way, in order to win at roulette, you do not need much luck, a bit is enough.

In the end, according to statistics, the sum of all players' winnings at roulette is only 2.7 percent less than the amount of loss. This is not very much, the number of those players who win money is almost equal to the number of players who lose, therefore, you always have a chance to be among those who are lucky at roulette, almost 50 percent. What do you need to do for this?

Advanced Strategies

All roulette strategies at best will reduce the variance and a major loss probability, but do not guarantee a 100% win. However, getting insurance against a major loss is also not bad, because the more time you get to wait for your personal luck, the better.

The most popular roulette betting system is Martingale strategy for playing on equal chances bets (for example, Red and Black). Playing this betting strategy, the gambler must double the bet after losing until he wins. Thus, sooner or later he will return the lost money.

Another popular betting systems:

Basically, the roulette betting strategy assumes betting on "even money" and this is not an accident. Judge for yourself, betting on "even money" is much easier to predict, the probability of a major loss is minimized. However, a big win, in this case, is not predicted either.

We will also offer a system of complementary numbers. Like other strategies, this betting system does not guarantee 100% of the win, but the casino's house edge will not exceed the allowable 2.7%. This system includes all the advantages of the best betting strategies, which makes it possible to get a chance for a big win.

European Roulette Bets

Complimentary Numbers System

This is a simple and very effective betting system. Act in this sequence. Place three bets at once:

  1. Red/Black
  2. Dozen
  3. Single Number (Straight Bet)

First, choose the color, let's say we bet money on black. Now we chose any black number, as well as a dozen, in which this number is located. We are betting observing the proportion: $1 on the single number, $3 on the dozen, and $4 on the color. The total is 8 dollars.

We may lose all the bets with the probability of 51.3%, in this case, we double the bet.

There is a 33 percent chance that black wins, and bets on a dozen and a number lose. We do not get a profit, but we do not lose anything either, because the $4 placed on black is doubled, and $1 on the single number and $3 on the dozen are lost. In this case, we bet again for free.

With a probability of 16%, the bet on a dozen wins, and the bets on the number and color lose. $9 - $8 = $1. We win 1 dollar. We bet the same money again.

With a probability of 16%, betting on a dozen and color wins, the bet on the number loses. $9 + $8 - $8 = $9. If before we doubled the bet, reduce it to the initial level.

With a probability of 2.7%, one of 37, the bet on the number wins, respectively, the bets on a dozen and the color win too. The profit, in this case, is $36 + $9 + $8 = $54.

If you win a bet on the number and you are at a profit, then you may stop the game and leave. The longer you play, the more casino has the opportunity to realize the 2.7% house edge, which is guaranteed by mathematical laws. The best strategy at roulette is to leave at a profit.

How to Win More Money at Roulette

If you decide to play roulette seriously for money, then you should realize that not everything depends on your skills, and much depends only on luck. Despite the worldwide popularity of this game, no one has yet been able to develop a betting system that guarantees winning at roulette. That is, there is no constant and consistently winning roulette players.

Also, at roulette there are no magic numbers. That is, if you consider your lucky numbers 7 or 14 you still should not bet on them. In other words, as one intelligent person said: at roulette, you can get profit in 100% of cases only by stealing chips from the table. Of course, there are betting systems that can optimize your game and reduce costs. But if you seriously intend to get a stable profit from a casino, then you should buy a casino.

Winning Betting System

If you want to increase your own chances of winning, then you will need to make the right decision at the stage of choosing the variation of roulette. You should opt for European roulette, not American. The explanation for this choice is simple: the house edge of a casino in American roulette is 5.2%, and in Europe the advantage of a gambling house is only 2.7%. The only serious difference between the American and the European roulette is the amount of zero on the wheel: in the European roulette, there is only one zero, and in the American roulette on the wheel, there are two sections with a zero.

Manage Your Bankroll

A sound approach to bankrolling and cold calculation will certainly bring you success. It's not so important that you play poker or roulette, in any case, do not bet too much. You cannot spend more on the game than you can afford. Tips:

  1. Determine before the game how much money you are willing to lose.
  2. Set the win limit in advance to leave the casino when you reach it.
  3. Determine the optimal bet according to the size of your bankroll.

The most important thing in roulette is self-discipline. Loss of self-control threatens you with not only monetary losses, but also the risk of getting a painful addiction to gambling.

Do not plan a big win and have fun with the game process, if you leave the gambling house having in your section 10 dollars of profit it is a win.

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