Relaxed Roulette Betting System

Relaxed roulette betting system is for betting on dozens. It is just another betting system with a progression. The peculiarity of this betting system is that it limits the amount of your winnings, but not the loss.

The Principle of the Relaxed Roulette Betting System

It is simple. There are three dozens on the Roulette gaming table: 1-12, 13-24, 25-36 accordingly.

We bet those two dozen, which won for the last two spins. If a dozen wins twice in a row, then we do not bet, but wait until two dozens win. If the zero wins, then this spin is not considered, we bet only after two different dozens won the last two rounds.

If a dozen wins more than three times in a row, then we bet on 2 other dozens.

So, if we lose our first bet, then we continue to bet on the same dozens. If we lost twice, we still bet on the same dozens for the third and last time.

If one of the bets has won, then we start the sequence anew, do not skip the spin and bet on the last two winning dozens. We recommend that you continue to play on this betting system until you reach the win limit set for yourself. Then leave.

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About Progression

We start with a minimum bet, say, 1 dollar. We make a bet of 1 dollar for each of dozens and write down 1 on a paper. If we won the first bet, circle this 1. In the end, our winnings will be equal to this initial bet, but about this later. If we lose the first bet, then we write down one more 1 to the left and to the right of the initial 1, it should look like this 1 1 1. The next bet is equal to the sum of the extreme numbers in this row 1 + 1 = 2, that is, we bet 2 dollars for every dozen.

If we win the second bet, then we cross out those extreme units, and there is only one original 1 that shows the size of the bet. If we lose the second bet in a row, then we write down on the edges of the row the size of the lost bet, we get a row like 2 1 1 1 2, which shows that the next bet is 2 + 2 = 4, that is, four initial bets on each of the dozens.

So, if we win the bet, we cross out the extreme numbers in the series. If you lose the bet, then add 1 digit which is equal to the lost bet on each side of the row, and the next bet is equal to the sum of the extreme numbers that are not crossed out. Once we get to the original unit in the center and win it, we start the sequence anew and go to the new line below.

For beginners, we recommend a bankroll of $50 and set a win limit of $5. So, for 10 days you can win an additional 50 dollars and double the bankroll, and after 10 days your winnings will be already $100. Then you will be able to put your original $50 bankroll in reserve and play with the money won raising your bets twice.

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