Labouchère Betting System for Roulette

Online roulette is very popular among gamblers. As a consequence, over the years, players have invented betting systems to optimize the gameplay and the Labouchère betting system is one of the most famous among them. This betting system is sometimes called a system of numerical sequences or a system of crossed numbers. This betting system like all other betting systems does not allow you to constantly win at roulette. However, practice shows that the betting system optimizes costs and significantly increases your chances of winning.

About the System

The Labouchère betting system is quite simple. The player writes down any sequence of numbers on a sheet of paper. Let's assume that these are the simplest numbers 1, 3, 4, and 2. The sequence of numbers should be short, so it will be easier for you to play.

The size of the first bet is equal to the sum of the extreme numbers in the sequence. In our case, this is one and two, in total it's three, that is, we bet at three dollars. If we win, then we cross out the extreme numbers, the size of the next bet will be equal to the sum of the extreme not blackened numbers 3 + 4 = 7. If we win this time, the sequence ends and we create another sequence of numbers for the game.

If we lose, then we append the sequence with a number that is equal to the size of the bet. Then we proceed according to with the algorithm described above.

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Advantage of the Labouchère Betting System

The player makes different bets each time. This adds variety to the gameplay. The win compensates for the loss from the previous round. The player keeps the gameplay under full control which is the main sign of professionalism.

There is an alternative version of the Labouchère betting system, this system is called the reverse Labouchère. If in the Labouchère betting system we cross out numbers after winning and add a new one to the sequence in case of a loss. Then in the reverse Labouchère we act exactly the opposite way, that is, we cross out the numbers in the sequence after the loss and add the number after the win. If desired, the player can alternate these betting systems. Then it will be more difficult for the casino to suspect the player of using the betting system.

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